My Story

For the longest time now, I’ve been praying that the Lord would show me how to use my wide variety of gifts and talents in a way that glorifies Him and makes His name great. I’ve always loved writing and music, probably because I grew up playing the piano and filling my journals with poems, but it wasn’t until college that my love of creating art grew. What used to be my stress relief, music, had become the focus of my studies and my days were filled with studying music, playing music, and memorizing lyrics of foreign songs. And though I loved every second of it, watercoloring birds and bouquets and flowers quickly turned into one of my favorite pastimes, and soon, one of my favorite talents. I realized during my first year of living in Nashville that my passions of watercolors and writing are what I‘d want love to pursue first and foremost. So, I’ve taken Jesus by the hand and built a business and products that I hope you love and that, most of all, remind you how loved you are. My prayer is that every single painting, print, and card will remind you how precious you are to Jesus, and that my lil signature, hidden like an Easter egg in the bottom corner of all my paintings, will serve as a reminder that even when you can’t see it, you are so, so dearly loved. My dream is that my stationary sets will be filled with words of encouragement from one dear friend to another, that my cards will be sent to lift the spirits of the hurting and the broken and the seeking, and that with each piece of art I’ll glorify the Original Creator, our Lord, Jesus Christ. I love each of you and I’m so excited to see how Jesus uses this tiny dream to make much of Himself and renew the spirits of the people He died to love.
All my love,
Whitney Lynne Webster

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